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Harambee Care has a passion and a drive for excellence. We have provided social work leadership to a diverse audience at a local and national level. While using an equity lens, our efforts are designed to help individuals and agencies learn how to maximize the benefits of having a high quality social work system. Our services has included home visiting programs that positively impacted maternal and child health outcomes thus impacting overall community health. We continue to provide social work leadership in spaces that are affected by social and health injustice. Please call for pricing at 888-565-7447

Our services include:

  • Implicit Bias training

  • Social Work Field Placements

  • Social Work Consulting

  • Social Work Supervision

  • Social Work Home Visits (MIHP only)                                    

  • Social Work Workshops

Social Work Field Placement 

As students navigate learning within the reality of agency life, we help them develop professional relationships within the community and determine personal interests and abilities in the social service field.


“...goal is to prepare all professional practitioners to work with clients who have been disenfranchised through unjust and inequitable policies, practices, and programs institutionalized in society and its social institutions.”

       -Wayne State University School of Social Work

We have provided field placement instruction for bachelor and master level social work students at higher learning institutions such as Wayne State University and Marygrove College in Detroit, MI

All field placement activities are implemented in alignment with the NASW Code of Ethics. Some examples of actives are:

  • Provided speech on the state of infant mortality in the state of Michigan at the Mothering Justice Annual Mama's March at the State Capitol

  • Provide evidence based interventions for Medicaid eligible families during Maternal Infant Health Program telehealth/home visits

  • Round with hospital staff to observe the social worker's role in hospital settings

  • Develop Self Care training for agency use

  • Apply equity based strategies in interactions with clients and agencies who impact clients

  • Provide vital mission driven tasks with Your goodVillage Collective, a nonprofit agency

For details about how to utilize Harambee Care's social work field placement services, please click here or email us at


Social Work Consulting Services


At Harambee Care, we want social workers to live their best lives as an individual and as a social work professional. 

Social worker consulting services include (but not limited to):

  • Strategic Advice​

  • Professional Coaching


  • Expert Contributions​

  • Guidance-Execution 

We aim to help social workers incorporate the NASW code of Ethics and principles into a lifestyle. Our workshops can be customized to fit your needs whether you are an individual or an agency- we can provide you with the necessary skills improve social work practice. 
Topics include:
  • Actualizing the social worker's role in the correlation between social determinants of health and its impact on community health

  • Developing the tools needed to live your best life as a social worker

  • Learning how to document like a BOSS

  • How to assess for client emergencies and how/when to refer for higher level services
  • How to make effective use of community resources

To request services, please click here or email at 


I'm so thankful for the services I received from Harambee Care. I learned how to take what I learned from the classroom and apply it to real life situations. The love and passion the CEO has for the field is evident and helps to fuel the passion in up and coming social workers 

       - Alicia Chalk, Harambee Care Social Work Intern

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