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Speaking Engagement

As a social justice and health equity leader, I have cultivated change in population health at local and national levels through my efforts at disrupting racism and empowering communities. My passion for social and health justice is the driving force behind providing education around topics that help people and communities thrive.

There are times when one must look in the mirror and determine if they have helped or hindered those who have experienced oppression, bias or toxic stress. By exercising self compassion you can allow yourself to take the necessary steps to learn to be a better human. Schedule a speaker consultation to see how you or your workplace can book a speaker engagement with me.


Topics Include


  • ​Political Determinants of Health

  • Implicit Bias

  • Self-Care



"Anjanette, you have great passion and bring it to others in such a supportive way. Thank you again. I hope that you can present again for NASW, so that others will have the opportunity to experience a workshop lead by you"

"I thought Anjanette did an outstanding job engaging her audience and delivering useful information on a very relevant topic. Outstanding presentation!!"

"Loved the discussion of the cross-sectionality of social and political determinants of health on individuals and how this impacts clients' systems"

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