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Social Work Services

Social Work Field Placement

Through our Field Placement Instruction, we provide social work students with the opportunity to integrate their classroom learning with the knowledge and skills used in various settings. Field placements are available for bachelor and master level social workers. 


Social Work Supervision


Social workers have a code of ethics, values, principles, and standards that guide our conduct. It is our goal to help social workers apply these concepts in social work practice and incorporate them into a lifestyle. Through social work supervision, constructive feedback is provided while reinforcing safety, equitable service and self-care.


*Certificate in Core Supervision-NASW 6/2021



We aim to help social workers thrive as an individual and as a social work professional. Consultation services include strategic advice,

expert contributions and guidance-execution. Other topics can be explored at time of initial consult. 


"I'm so thankful for the services I received from Harambee Care. I learned how to take what I learned from the classroom and apply it to real life situations. The love and passion the CEO has for the field is evident and helps to fuel the passion in up and coming social workers" - A.C. Social Work Intern

"Social work services impacted me by exposing me to the many different avenues a social worker can take to be successful- rather it's working for yourself or for an organization. It also helped me become more intentional and present when doing my work by constantly considering the social work values/ethics, social determinants of health and most importantly implementing a self care plan to avoid burnout." - D.B. Social Work intern

"Thank you so much! You have helped me in so many ways. I didn't know what to expect in my consult, but I learned so much. Thank you!" -C.S. Social Work Professional

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