Social workers have a code of ethics, values, principles, and standards to guide social workers' conduct. It is our goal to help social workers apply these concepts in social work practice as well as model as a lifestyle.

The Founder and CEO of Harambee Care, Anjanette Davenport Hatter has provided social work services to her community for over 20 years. Over time she has managed to increase her level of passion and commitment to the social work profession. It was in the spirit of that passion that she made the decision to expand her services to helping social work professionals demonstrate excellence in service delivery, become social justice leaders and do their part to eradicate health disparities which in turn, help communities to thrive. 

 "There have been painstaking obstacles during my experiences as a social worker, my advice- don’t allow yourself to be defined by your failures. Stay true to yourself and your passion and always stay on your grind. This has been an amazing journey and has reminded me of the importance of remaining true to my social work code"

- Anjanette Davenport Hatter, Owner

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Social work services impacted me by exposing me to the many different avenues a social worker can take to be successful- rather it's working for yourself or for an organization. It also helped me become more intentional and present when doing my work by constantly considering the social work values/ethics, social determinants of health and most importantly implementing a self care plan to avoid burnout. 

- Dachia Butler, Harambee Care Social Work intern